Lord Of The Flies – Barack Hussein Obama



My first question is: What is a fly doing in the White House in the middle of January? A big horse fly no less. I would think the White House to be a model of cleanliness. Very Bizarre because in winter I have rarely seen a fly.  These images tell us something about President Obama – but what? Lets take a look at some possibilities.

Insect Drones? They do exist and the United States military will implement insect drones if they have not already.

“Maybe Loki came for a visit. Loki took the form of a fly so as to fit through keyholes and small cracks. One story tells us of his attempts to steal Freya’s necklace by biting her cheek whilst in fly form. Another tale describes how Loki challenged two brothers (Eitri and Brokkr) to craft an item which was more beautiful than those created by the sons of Ivaldi, who created such items as Odin’s spear, Gungnir. As the two brothers worked, Loki, as a fly, began to bite Brokkr, first on his arm, then his neck, and finally on the eyelid. Although Brokkr was blinded by his own blood, Eitri managed to craft a hammer, which was judged to be more valuable than the items of the sons of Ivaldi. The hammer was to become Thor’s hammer – Mjollnir. The brothers did not take the head of Loki (as was the deal), but instead sewed up his mouth.”

     “China. This myth is based on the true story of a monk called San Zang and his journey to India to retrieve Buddhist scriptures. Wu Kong (the Monkey King or Old Monkey) was the first disciple of San Zang and it is he, not his master, who features in this myth. The myth was written by Wu Cheng-en and is full of magical beings and dangerous encounters.”

Beelzebub. Beelzebub is one of the most well known figures in religion and mythology. He often referred to as the “lord of the flies”. Beelzebub features in many major world religions. In Christianity, he is depicted as a fallen angel and “prince of devils”, and in Judaism he is a major evil being who dwells in the underworld. Beelzebub is often thought to be the devil himself, however, many claim that, although evil, Beelzebub was neither the devil, nor was he evil to the extent of the devil.” Source Here.

Of course he may  have Ablutophobia and just stink. And the most likely explanation is he,s a muslim and certain times of the month and year Muslims are not allowed to bathe. I lived in a share rental in College with an Iranian and Iraqi and they were devout muslims and they surely did stink. It was disgusting.

I cant speak for anyone else but these photos are just freaky.



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