End Of The World Dec 21st 2014 Survival Tips

Things you are going to need when your trapped in the basement, underground shelter, mud hole or cardboard box when the world begins to end.

1) A Bible cause your gonna need something to read before you die or get raptured.

2) A deck of playing cards or board games it might get boring waiting to die or get raptured. Don’t die of boredom.

3) Food for 72 hours cause thats about how long it should take for the world to end when it starts beginning to end.

4) A change of underwear just in case you get the shit scared out of you.

5) A sweater. It might get a little cold when the sun disappears.

6) A gun so you can shoot yourself before the birds start eating your flesh before your dead or get raptured.

7) Cigars or Joints, Beverage of your choice, Party Hats. Not necessary but what the hell! Don’t Worry Be Happy!

8) Toilet Paper (See #4)

9) Cell Phone. When the world is ending or your getting raptured you should post it on Twitter and Facebook while texting family and friends.

10) A clock. So you know what time it is. (Important) Move your clocks back 1 hour. This will give us all 1 extra hour to enjoy each other and life before you die or get raptured

Earthquake Watch

 OOPS!  It seems my calculations were off by 3,245,853 days. I am Re-calculating the “DOOMSDAY CLOCK” Keep Your Diapers on!


End Of The World Countdown


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British Empire – Cornerstone of the New World Order

British Still Fighting The American Revolution

The British Throne. Aristocracy, arrogant oligarchs are still fighting the American Revolution. They never did accept defeat and till this day sabotage the American politic and secretly control the United State Government. Just like the King attempting to disarm patriots in 1774.75, Pierce Morgan,s demand to confiscate Guns from Americans prove the British elites are enemy,s of America and have not surrendered to the cause of Liberty.
With the brilliant strategy of controlling the world by proxy through Israel and USA they scapegoat and blame all the worlds problems on Jews and America. London being the Monetary Capitol of western civilization. Imagine a British sponsored EU ends up with England exempt from the EU authority. Thats is no accident. England tricked all of Europe into the Euro then at the last minute exempted themselves. The British outlawed owning a human being but they did not outlaw monetary slavery. The British elites and royals are snot nosed arrogant demons thumbing their noses at the rest of the UNCIVILIZED world importing a new peasant muslim class to fill the vacuum of their depleted interbred family lines which estimated is at least 40% of the population.  In my opinion the NWO is a British exploit no different than their other thousands of imperialistic Left Right paradigm tactics to overthrow and dominate all the nations of the earth.  If your British; are you happy about 1776? Or, do you have a deep inner belly fart wanting to re-claim America and destroy the constitution? Or do do you cheer Pilgrims from England running from the tyranny and persecution of King George  for their religious beliefs and establishing the Americas ? The British people need to stand up against their own rulers and revolt. You have been on your knees long enough.  If you want to defeat the NWO your gonna have to defeat the British Empire.

I fear most British HATE America. They are in stealth working for the destruction of the constitution and claiming  America once again for the Queen. I don’t give a rats ass in hell about the Queen and believe literally the royal family are demonic monsters hell bent on bringing their subjects to their knees. If you want to fight the New World Order, start with Great Britain and the Royal Family because thats where all the hell in western civilization is bred and nourished like a weaning child. The fact you have British citizens lambasting America for our 2nd amendment is proof enough for me that the British elite are jealous, envious and wicked slave masters persecuting any faction or peoples who don’t kiss the queens ass. My advice to all of you royal subjects getting bent over for a Queens Butt Fuck. Pull your head out of 1775 and stick it up their 2013 ass. Reach around is fair play.

In general, from all the stuff I have read and watched, it sounds as if they (the modern-day Illuminati) MUST have originated here in the UK because the British Empire, it seems to me, started off those tactics of “divide and rule”, “democracy”, “puppet governments” etc in order to rule in stealth mode.

I know that “divide and conquer” is in ancient history but what I’m getting at is, when America became independent, the “British Illuminati” continued to rule their American puppets

I looked up British contributions to humanity and this is ALL I came up with. Besides the English language, cars,trains and thats about it for POSITIVE contributions.

Literature & Poetry (Shakespeare( Is Sick and perverted Dark and a lunatic) , Milton, Bronte’s, Kipling, Dickens, Elliot

Children stories (Peter Pan, Alice in Wonderland, Winnie the Pooh, Peter Rabbit, Pink(Gay Pedophile)Panther Harry Potter…) Thank You Hollywood. England is the den of witchcraft so this contribution is appropriate.

Pop music (Beatles, Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, Queen, Robbie Williams, All Saints…) The stones are like skeletons in the British closet and John Lennon despised the Queen.

Luxury cars (Roll Royce, Bentley, Jaguar, Lotus, Aston Martin) Thanks for making cars for the RICH ELITES- so kind of you.

Here is some history of our British Overlords.
History of the Illuminati begins with British Royalty


Queen Elizabeth: Illuminati Parasite from Transylvania – Video

British Atrocities
NWO = Great Britain

India 1862

 British Genocide of Blacks

 British Kill More Blacks

Calling for a Historical Investigation of British Atrocities

In Iraq

BBC = British Puppets of Propaganda

 British Crime in Kenya

Brits in Maylasia

 British Crime against Palestine and 1936

British Crime in In Libya

British In China

British Evil
More sickness from Britain

 British Crime in In China 1715-1919

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Lord Of The Flies – Barack Hussein Obama



My first question is: What is a fly doing in the White House in the middle of January? A big horse fly no less. I would think the White House to be a model of cleanliness. Very Bizarre because in winter I have rarely seen a fly.  These images tell us something about President Obama – but what? Lets take a look at some possibilities.

Insect Drones? They do exist and the United States military will implement insect drones if they have not already.

“Maybe Loki came for a visit. Loki took the form of a fly so as to fit through keyholes and small cracks. One story tells us of his attempts to steal Freya’s necklace by biting her cheek whilst in fly form. Another tale describes how Loki challenged two brothers (Eitri and Brokkr) to craft an item which was more beautiful than those created by the sons of Ivaldi, who created such items as Odin’s spear, Gungnir. As the two brothers worked, Loki, as a fly, began to bite Brokkr, first on his arm, then his neck, and finally on the eyelid. Although Brokkr was blinded by his own blood, Eitri managed to craft a hammer, which was judged to be more valuable than the items of the sons of Ivaldi. The hammer was to become Thor’s hammer – Mjollnir. The brothers did not take the head of Loki (as was the deal), but instead sewed up his mouth.”

     “China. This myth is based on the true story of a monk called San Zang and his journey to India to retrieve Buddhist scriptures. Wu Kong (the Monkey King or Old Monkey) was the first disciple of San Zang and it is he, not his master, who features in this myth. The myth was written by Wu Cheng-en and is full of magical beings and dangerous encounters.”

Beelzebub. Beelzebub is one of the most well known figures in religion and mythology. He often referred to as the “lord of the flies”. Beelzebub features in many major world religions. In Christianity, he is depicted as a fallen angel and “prince of devils”, and in Judaism he is a major evil being who dwells in the underworld. Beelzebub is often thought to be the devil himself, however, many claim that, although evil, Beelzebub was neither the devil, nor was he evil to the extent of the devil.” Source Here.

Of course he may  have Ablutophobia and just stink. And the most likely explanation is he,s a muslim and certain times of the month and year Muslims are not allowed to bathe. I lived in a share rental in College with an Iranian and Iraqi and they were devout muslims and they surely did stink. It was disgusting.

I cant speak for anyone else but these photos are just freaky.



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Sryian False Flag

I don’t believe a chemical weapon attack even occurred in Syria. The pictures I have seen are people with cheap paint and oxygen mask or SLEEPING children.

Sarin Sleeping Gas?

Sarin Sleeping Gas?

Sleeping Peaceful Babies - Syria

Sleeping Peaceful babies Syria



If you notice in all the photos of children they are peacefully at rest in the daytime comfortably tucked in with their blankets. Where is the swollen eyes and flesh, blood, oral excrement foam on victims in the pictures dead or living? I have found NONE. Can you please tell me how these photos show Saran gas deaths? Its ABSURD! ALL media outlets -including alternative- POST THESE SAME PHOTOS AND MANY MORE JUST LIKE THEM.

They need peptobismal

They need Pepto Bismal

The Pentagon calls it "Theater of War" for a reason. Its Theater!

The Pentagon calls it “Theater of War” for a reason. Its Theater!

I know in my heart this is all THEATER and just part of the script they are playing out. They have been caught staging dozens of world news dramas. This Syria war is just another episode – different decade. Putin and Obama are in partnership. Obama has the military power and will use it to bring peace. Putin has the chess board well played with his power’ coerces Assad to give up chemical weapons and allow UN inspectors. Both sides profit from a balkanized Syria or destroyed Damascus as members of the United Nations(New World Order). Its The Iraq war all over again. Same Russian actor different American stooge. Assad is being played -Like a Fiddle in the Middle of a Hillbilly Blue Grass Festival-. Reports on CNN faking Syria war coverage just this past week of Sept. 10th. http://freedomoutpost.com/2013…
I’m sorry to say some are missing the mark not seeing past the script following the NWO narrative and hanging on every word waiting for the next episode of “As the World Turns Fukishima Burns” creating false flag threats as they prepare for the ultimate deception. Possible Project Blue Beam, A CME causing the big EMP grid failure blaming it on the Sun or a Comet. While they wait for right time to introduce the Final Episode of their Play reenactment of The Apocalypse and provide a savior while Fukishima poisons the entire earth and they continue to brainwash then steal your children breaking down veterans doors and misdemeanor offenders to confiscate their guns. Just keep focusing on Syria. You are their audience and ratings believing their make-believe reality. Dont forget the popcorn!

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Obama’s License To Kill





Can you imagine a world where murder is not only legal but trendy? Well folks you don’t need to imagine anymore. It is a reality. Abortion is the first example. While some don’t even consider it a human life form, the fetus is to a sane and rational person an actual human being. Abortion which has become not only legal but now funded by the The United States Government of which people are forced to be an accessory to murder by tax payer  funding. As an update to the article “The Affordable Care Act” will fund ALL abortions adding fuel to the sacrificial fire of  demonic rituals.  “It’s official. The concern pro-life organizations had about the ObamaCare legislation funding abortions has been confirmed, as the Obama administration has issued the final rules on abortion funding governing the controversial health care law. Nestled within the ‘individual mandate’ in the Obamacare act — that portion of the Act requiring every American to purchase government-approved insurance or pay a penalty — is an ‘abortion premium mandate.’ This mandate requires all persons enrolled in insurance plans that include elective abortion coverage to pay a separate premium from their own pockets to fund abortion. As a result, many pro-life Americans will have to decide between a plan that violates their consciences by funding abortion, or a plan that may not meet their health needs.” “The Affordable Care Act”

An estimated over 44,000 this year 2013 as of Jan. 15th already in the USA alone. Take a look at this site it will blow your mind.


Abortion Clock

I would call that a license to kill which brings us to the other new sport in American politics I like to call “Hunting The Humans”. Update Link http://www.infowars.com/obama-planned-to-kill-peaceful-protesters-in-sniper-attacks/


The Bill Of Rights Is Dead!  A victim of the NDAA law instituted after 911 under the Busch presidency and not only continued but expanded by the Obama White House. In Summary; The law gives the president of the United States and Homeland Security the power to send troops to arrest Americans living in America. That is being kidnapped by the military and indefinitely detained. “Yes, the Feinstein-Lee Amendment explicitly guarantees the right of a trial by jury to American citizens, but it also explicitly authorizes the president to indefinitely detain them, and the Authority for the Use of Military Force. The denial of due process to all persons and the retention of the totalitarian power granted the president to deploy the U.S. military to arrest citizens without charge” (New American) is a reality but it gets worse.

What Is A Kill List?

 “More Al Qaeda leaders and commanders have been removed from the battlefield than at any time since 9/11.” “Removed” is another way of saying killed. But the more interesting word there is “battlefield.” In a speech on the drone program last April, Brennan talked about the use of targeted killings “beyond hot battlefields like Afghanistan.” (The New Yorker)  The Kill List in essence is a list of Humans Beings the White House targets for assassinations.  On a routine basis President Obama and his staff determine who will be assassinated and that may include American citizens. I have to ask how many Americans have been added to the Kill List and how many have already been assassinated. One that we know as fact; but were these American Patriots on The Kill List? Aaron Schwartz (Out spoken Obama critic, Brietbart (Brietbart News), John Noveske, Founder of Noveske Rifleworks and, Keith Ratliff, Manager of FPS Russia, Navy SEAL Commander Job PriceAmbassador Chris Stevens: Read the list here “The drone policy the president has developed not only infringes on the sovereignty of other nations, but the assassinations violate laws put in place in the 1970s after scandals enveloped an earlier era of CIA criminality.” (The Nation)

The fact that the president of the United States is briefed everyday and decides who will be targeted is not just shocking but murder and its all legal. Khadafi in Libya was treated so brutally and his death cheered by Hilary Clinton and the whole establishment was a murder. Illegal under the Geneva convention. A true war crime. But most Americans would say that could never happen in America let alone a citizen but that is simply wrong.  Proof that President Obama has the authority to assassinate American Citizens is the fact he already has. Anwar al-Awlaki “The Obama administration’s “presidential assassination program,” whereby American citizens are targeted for killings far away from any battlefield, based exclusively on unchecked accusations by the Executive Branch that they’re involved in Terrorism.” (Salon) Anwar al-Awlaki an American citizen was assassinated September 30, 2011. Regardless how evil the man was his right for due process was stripped from him as it was for all Americans in principle or at least in Spirit and literally in law.  That my friend is a license to kill.



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Prince George-Hier To The British Throne-King George VII


British Monarchy Madness

Just What World Needs. 1 More Blood Sucking Pervert

Unknown Prince's

Unknown Prince’s

Are my horns hidden?

Are my horns hidden?

If people were just educated about history,  British Royalty would be guilty of treason and genocide sitting in prisons, mental institutions – like the queens abandoned cousins or executed. With the ignorant populace teamed with  traitors in government and media puppets its obvious the British throne is controlling America under the control of Occult/Illuminati  to the end of collapsing America enslaving us as subjects and officially re-claiming it for the Queen by decree. The British throne has been keeping their dirty deeds under the radar of history for over 800 years by creating conflicts and preying on rival sects of societies. A method referred to as “Divide and Conquer”.  Then, distracting the masses with theatrics and propaganda through their puppeteer media outlets convince the world that  Jews, CIA,  Al-Qaeda or any a number of patsy’s around the world to focus on a fictional contrived enemy. Even though one must distinguish the actual power structure of the New World Order consisting of 3 cities; London “square mile”, Vatican City “Rome” and Washington DC. “3 cities that rule the world”

Hey Mate! Can ya gimme a bloody hand?

Hey Mate! Can ya gimme a bloody hand?

“So, who owns the giant U.S. corporation? Like Canada and Australia, whose leaders are prime ministers of the queen, and whose land is called crowned land, the U.S. is just another crowned colony. Crowned colonies are controlled by the empire of the three city states. Thus, the U.S. is controlled by the three city states.” Source

As stated in the article: British Empire – Cornerstone of the New World Order ,  The British never surrendered at the Treaty of Paris in 1783 nor did they cease their subversive activities just changed methods and today have their tentacles pulling the puppet strings of dam near all Americans.

Prince Baby 3rd in line for the head god status

Future- King George VII

The recent media pummeling into the minds perpetuating the worship and idolization of the New inbred monster baby 3rd in line to the British throne -KING GEORGE VII as proof of the depth and magnitude of their power.

     A sickening display of distraction politics blatantly flaunting their control over all Americans in our face yet most people are entranced by the theater of royalty and don’t have a clue they are merely brainwashed subjects of the queen without any knowledge or awareness  of the ones they worship  and their horrific crimes perpetrated throughout  history much like the catholics or the controlled left and right political establishment sheeple worshiping the Pope or The President of USA.

Holy Mother Kate &  Holy Prince Baby

Holy Mother Kate & Holy King George VII

They have made themselves gods and the root of the problem grows in London and through the criminal monarchy of Britain. The British Empire is the most dangerous and demonic entity on earth guilty of genocide, slavery and the Rothschild’s Germanic banking system.  “God Damn the Queen” and the British monarchy and their inbred children.

Kate, I tyhought you were on the pill.


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All American Taxpayers Guilty of Murder

The Demonic Takeover of the USA under the control of Illuminati (British Empire)NWO,UN,NATO, PENTAGON, White House , Israel, Liberal LGBT FASCIST(aka NAZI GERMANY) or wherever the finger points; wants everyone to except child sexuality, homosexuality and pedophilia then denying your right to have a child and demanding you have an abortion (or at least pay for it with your taxes under PLANNED PARENTHOOD

killing babies

Killing Babies

Planned Parenthood performed 333,964 abortions during the 12-month period. That compares 332,278 abortions in 2009 and 329,445 abortions in 2010 — making a three-year toll of close to one-million abortions.

If your paying taxes to the IRS your funding the murder of over 330,000 babies a year. YOUR GUILTY AS CHARGED!

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Facebook Blocks/Censors Infowars.com

NSA AKA Facebook
Blocks infowars.com  links: proof here with screen shot.
block infowArs links on facebook

Coal Train Fusion

Most Americans Support Being Spied on by NSA

Former NSA Official: Yes, We’re Spying On U.S. Citizens

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FEMA HLS Takover Preperations

 Government Preparing for Civil Takeover

The Fema Core have power of arrest and warrant less searches imprison Americans and go door to door looking for any reason. They have hundreds of empty prison camps, Split our nation into 10 regions under the North American Union Called FEMA REGIONS. Have bought over 8 BILLION ROUNDS of ammunition under Home Land Security (HLS).
“An examination of the type of government established under regional governance shows that it is a government of appointed rather than elected officials, a governance established in violation of the guarantees of Article X, United States Constitution. Under regional governance US citizens are to be held in bondage, in perpetuity, as producers and servers for a self-appointed Oligarchy.”  http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/sociopolitica/esp_sociopol_un10b.htm

Fema,s 10 heads

Fema,s 10 heads

Creating laws under AGENDA 21 to control your food supply and what,where and when you can grow the food; then force you and your children to be vaccinated. If you DO NOT COMPLY they can call CPS to remove your children.

” An environmental report issued by an agency of the United Nations last month has some critics sounding the alarm, saying it is a clarion call for “global governance” over how the Earth is managed.  The report, “21 Issues for the 21st Century,” from the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) Foresight Process, is the culmination of a two-year deliberative process involving 22 core scientists. It is expected to receive considerable attention in the run-up to the Rio+20 United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development, which will be held in Rio, Brazil, in June. The scientists who wrote the report say it focuses on identifying emerging issues in the global environment, and that it is not about mandating solutions. UN to propose planetary regulations of water,food” and child bearing limits.  AGENDA 21

So what is the reason for this encroaching preparation of complete takeover. What are they preparing for? Here are some reasons I have heard.

1) Conspiracy to take over the world by the Global elite (Bankers/Billionaires)
2) The Jews are of the Devil and are taking over everything to make all non-whites their slaves.
3) The CIA and the MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX is/has taken over by stealth in a secret cue.
4) The Illuminati control the world through the Banking System, Masons and  Bilderberg Group 

5) They are preparing for world War III to finalize the New World Order Plan. (NWO) announced proudly by George Herbert Walker Busch

6) Its The End of the world and Jesus is coming back.

All or none of these excuses  are as good as the other  reason except for #6 (as  is obvious) for disaster preparation. But no one ever mentions the BIG PICTURE like the picture of of our Solar System and Universe. Space Science and the Radio, Radar, Hubble, Satellite systems taking pictures and recording everything in the Solar System. The secret preparation for Asteroid Defense Systems like THE ALL SEEING EYE  illuminati-dollar-1from Egyptian mythology and on the World Reserve Currency (DOLLAR – which they can track with satellites of how much you have in your pocket from space or at the local Walmart via RFID chip). They know when where and exactly how to take full advantage a crisis situation with all their ducks in a row before the event they know  WHEN will occur; an Asteroid strike.  Possibly a potential made made disaster.  The RUSSIANS are preparing.
Its obvious they are preparing for the NWO takeover and United States Demolition when the ASTEROID HITS. That could happen at anytime and THE POWERS THAT BE know when it will strike.



or maybe  Asteroid 1998 QE2 asteroidstrike1 which will fly by today 5-31-13 and has its own moon. (Update:  Asteroid 1998 QE2 did NOT strike the earth WHOOWEE- that was close) This is the astronomical sign from heaven the Evil ones of darkness will follow to make their move for global domination. Everything that has happened or will happen before the Asteroid Strike is only in preparation for their glorious  day of conquering the world after the big rock hits the earth and the Great Day Of Darkness is upon us.
Either way its going to happen. Its called opening the 6th seal of Rev. 6:12-17.


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Professional Painting Contractor

Kansas City Painting Contractor

Serving The Kansas City Area Since 1996


Kansas City House Painting Pro’s


Kansas City Painting contractor
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