Donald Trump Exposing Mainstream Media


Mr. Trumps is taking on FOX new and winning. I think most are missing the whole point in what Trump is accomplishing here.

First of all Trump accuses Megyn Kelly of bias and rightly so. There is no " fair and balanced" news reporting in mainstream media. Kelly is blatantly anti-trump as well as all of the neo-conservatives (conservative frauds); or what I like to call a "republicrats" such as: Linsay Graham, John Boehner, Mitch McConnel, Paul Ryan just to name a few. They continue pummeling their audience with the narrative "too afraid to face them in the debate", "he is destroying the republican party".

"Risks losing support from GOP". In fact , Trump is so far ahead in the polls he doesn't need this debate and he has no support in the GOP. The move to have a charity event during the debate will not only defeat the false narratives coming out of Fox but will expose major networks as weak and not relevant to this election year. Trumps message is clear to me: I'm not allowing you to dictate false narratives to exploit, manipulate, and ultimately follow a script in the election of our next president. The mere lack of Trump's presence at the debate will nose-dive TV ratings, present the candidates as weak and the true reality of Fox news declining credibility. A manifestation of the mass consciousness becoming aware of the pretense,false narratives, talking points, story-lines, political bias of all mainstream media.

"Conservative Fox News TV host Bill O’Reilly told Trump in an interview on Wednesday the decision to boycott the debate could appear "self-absorbed". Good try Bill and an excellent example of how you start a talking point with a false narrative, a storyline (Trump is self absorbed) which is clear political bias with innuendo. Ooohh tricky. Mr. Trump is hosting an event for wounded warriors. Looking self-absorbed? -not in the least. After its over he will have solidified an image more caring and compassionate. Inviting Rick Santorum and Mike Huckabee to his event.

Mr. Trump shows humility and an builds his persona as victimized by the establish GOP as were Huckabee, and Santorum (winners of 2008/2012 Iowa caucuses) sidelined as irrelevant by Fox News and GOP. This was big mistake by Fox as Santorum and Huckabee are very popular with voters in some areas certainly more electable than Chris Christie or Jeb Busch. The mainstream has written eliminated them by merely avoiding any mention of them spanning every aspect of their networks or denying press coverage. Trump is capitalizing on this by inviting them making them relevant again in this election and sure making a few more friends and possibly tens of thousands of Huckabee and Santorum voters. Hosting his own event with wounded warriors is a brilliant move but in addition Trump invites CNN to cover his event.

CNN has been at the bottom clawing at the feet of the Fox for a long time now. CNN desperate for viewers will get a big boost and may even experience euphoria of delusional victory psychosis after trouncing their biggest competitor in the ratings in what should have been a Fox domination debate. Even Brietbart senses the relevance of Trumps no-show. "Every preset narrative from the mainstream media has been destructed..." in which they describe the scene in Iowa as 'Chaos". The Gop and Fox news are in utter chaos as they watch their credibility and influence sidelined as "irrelevant". Trump is also getting exposure to the hard-core liberals who would never watch Fox or GOP debates but now perhaps will tune in if for nothing else to participate in the humiliation of their darkest enemy Fox and the GOP establishment. Note: Article updated July4th, 2016.

President Trump has no real competition. Hellary Clinton is being exposed as what she is; a bigot, lesbian, psychotic bitch losing her mind and unraveling as she realizes if she does not win, she going to prison. Her and husband Bill are being exposed for what they are: Criminals using Clinton foundation to take bribes from foreign leaders committing traitorous and treasonous acts of espionage and at least dereliction of duty mis-handling classified information. Baring a total collapse of the voting system amidst to fraud and the 50 million illegals Obama has smuggled in to vote, Donald Trump will win:

Note: Update Nov 8th 20-16…. Did Win. Congratulations America you survived a reprieve from the almighty by rejecting Hellary for what she is; A Satanic high priestess witch who hates Christians, Jews, Blacks, and all things concerning Jesus Christ, Go get'm all Donald and drain the swamp. We are counting on you to keep your promises. God Bless You your family and America: One Nation Under God!